New Zealand keen to partner with Clean India

30-Sep-2015 # Clean India Source: India Inc

New Zealand has emerged as another country keen to invest in the Clean India project.

It has offered innovative assistance and advanced technologies in promoting the growth of the country’s renewable energy sector.

New Zealand’s international business development agency, NZTE, said in a statement: “New Zealand plans to raise its renewable energy generating capability from 80 to 90 per cent by 2025 and could boost India’s fast growing renewable energy sector by providing innovative assistance and advanced technologies.

“This could help the Indian government improvise the environment to support sustainable growth.”

An NZ delegation led by minister of justice, courts, broadcasting and communications Amy Adams and NZ special envoy for renewable energy and executive director of Geothermal Mike Allen indicated that the two countries can collaborate on waste-to-energy technology, which has been a neglected area in India’s quest to increase renewable energy capacity.

Adams said: “New Zealand is a natural partner for countries looking for innovative assistance and advanced technology to harness and realise renewable energy and clean technology opportunities, and environmental management.”

The island country is developing technologies that not only harness renewable materials but also reduce emissions and waste, and this can nurture the Indian government’s own Clean India initiative.

Allen said: “We don’t have extensive solar developments in New Zealand, but, we do have ability around the grid and grid integration side.

“Our companies are typically small and are niche players. There are specialisation areas in water and renewables where we think we can fit in.”

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